Overall development of students

Overall Development

Overall Development


Mallakhamba is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs feats and poses in concert with a vertical wooden pole or rope. The word also refers to the pole used in the sport.
Mallakhamba derives from the terms malla which denotes a wrestler and khamba which means a pole. Mallakhamba can therefore be translated to English as “pole gymnastics.
At Gayatri School & Junior College we inspire students to take challenges and develop their physical as well as mental skills. This kinds of sport enhances their management skills and sharpen problem solving ability.
Types of Mallakhamba-

  • Pole or fixed :In this variation, a vertical wooden pole is fixed in the ground and the participant performs various acrobatic feats and poses while hanging on the pole. Wrestlers mount, dismount and utilize this pole for various complex calisthenics designed to develop their grip, stamina, and strength in the arms, legs and upper-body.
  • Hanging :The hanging Mallakhamba is a wooden pole that is shorter in length than the standard pole and is hung from chain and hooks, leaving a gap between the ground and the bottom of the Mallakhamba.
  • Rope:In this variation, the participant performs exercises while hanging from a rope suspended from a support.

Taekwondo is developed by Korean martial artists with experience in martial arts such as karate, Chinese martial arts, and indigenous Korean martial arts traditions. The governing body for taekwondo in the Olympics and Paralympics is World Taekwondo.


Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus meaning ‘bow’ or ‘arch’.